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  • Caregivers getting informed of what care options are available for their loved ones at the homes
  • 14 Nov 2014

    Even as they worry about overcoming the daily challenges which they face from taking care of their loved ones with disabilities, one of the most common and main concerns that ageing caregivers have would be their care arrangements once they be unable to take on the caregiving role anymore.

  • Out And About – Mobility Wheelchairs And Vehicles
  • 14 Nov 2014

    Having the ability to move from one place to another plays an important role in helping persons with disabilities get out of the house and become a part of the society. A mobility device, such as a wheelchair or a wheelchair accessible vehicle, acts as a catalyst to greater independence and social integration, enabling people with disabilities to be mobile, lead a healthy lifestyle and participate in community life.

  • William Tay
  • 31 Oct 2014

    William Tay was only four when he lost his hearing after a bout of high fever. Although the episode changed his life forever, he did not wallow in self-pity nor did he allow his limitations to deter him from exceling in whatever he did. William was presented with the National Youth Achievement Gold Award 2014 at an award ceremony on 30 October by President Tony Tan. In this interview, we catch up with William, who is also a Microsoft YouthSpark 2014 Scholar, to find out what inspires him and his aspirations for the future.

  • Daniel with his AAC device
  • 31 Oct 2014

    In conjunction with the International AAC Awareness Month in October, the Specialised Assistive Technology Centre featured stories of several individuals with communication challenges who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC, in place of their own voice to communicate.

  • 19 November 2014
  • SPD invites proposals for Client Management System for SPD Ability Centre, 2 Peng Nguan Street.

    RFP Briefing / Site visit for Vendors

    Date     : 26 November 2014
    Time    : 10am
    Venue  : Level 3, Board Room
                 2 Peng Nguan Street
                 SPD Ability Centre
                 Singapore (168955)

    Closing date for the proposal submission is 5 December 2014, 5pm.


    The detailed RFP document can be downloaded from this link from 19 November 2014:

    Request for Proposal Document


    Should you require clarifications with regards to the details of this RFP, please contact Mr Ho Hang Sang on 6579 0781 or E-mail: Ho_Hang_Sang@spd.org.sg or Raymond Chang on 6579 0735 or E-mail: raymond_chang@spd.org.sg