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  • Golden Collection Greeting Cards 2014/2015
  • 05 Sept 2014
  • To help spread the festive cheer this year-end, we are pleased to unveil our card collection this year.

    Themed the ‘Golden Collection’, this commemorative edition is designed with SPD’s 50th jubilee anniversary in mind and comprises of 18 Christmas and Lunar New Year cards. A project that integrates different abilities, the card designs were enhanced from original artworks by SPD’s clients and trainees, and SPD’s Sheltered Workshop were engaged in packing of the cards.

  • Zi Heng with friends and families
  • 05 Sept 2014
  • A client at SPD’s new Transition Programme for Employment (TPE), Zi Heng, was a teenager leading an active lifestyle. Working as a lifeguard then, he was about to enter university with hopes for a bright future when a freak accident turned his world around. He describes in this blog post his challenges thus far and his plans for the future.

  • Non-slip Scoop Plate
  • 05 Sept 2014
  • Adaptive aids are devices, controls or appliances which enable persons with physical limitations to improve their ability to carry out activities of daily living such as dining, dressing and grooming. Many of these devices are modifications or alterations to commonly used items to help persons with disabilities perform everyday tasks without the need for caregivers’ help or assistance.