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  • Handwriting Workshop for Caregivers
  • 07 July 2017
  • The Building Bridges EIPIC Centre in Tiong Bahru ran a half-day handwriting workshop for 15 parents and caregivers on 5 June. Led by SPD’s occupational therapist, Rosa Devaney, the workshop “What Can I Do to Help My Child Write Better” aimed to help parents and caregivers understand the building blocks of handwriting and teaching strategies that could promote handwriting readiness.

  • SPD@Bedok Holds Its First EIPIC Parent Support Group
  • 07 July 2017
  • SPD@Bedok conducted its first EIPIC Parent Support Group (PSG) in April this year. Facilitated by senior social worker Junaidah Binte Baharawi and assisted by social work assistant Michelle Tham, six caregivers signed up for the five-session programme packed with practical strategies and hands-on activities aimed at stimulating caregivers’ interest and enhancing their awareness in self-care.

  • Come Walk with Us!
  • 07 July 2017
  • The SPD Ability Walk is back at a new location! SPD's second walk is once again organised to raise funds to provide programmes and services that enable and empower people with disabilities to be independent and self-reliant. These include therapy, vocational skills training, assistive technology, early intervention, day care and employment, educational and social support. 

  • 5 Benefits of Walking!
  • 23 June 2017
  • Walking is an activity most of us do on a daily basis. It is not the hardest exercise to do, and boasts certain health-enhancing gains that we may not have known or even heard of. Here are some benefits of walking that will hopefully get you up from your sofa and headed out for a stroll!

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Notice

  • 30 June 2017
    SPD invites proposals from Lifts Vendors for Lifts Modernisation at SPD Ability Centre.

    Closing date for the proposal submission is 24 July 2017 at 5pm.


    The detailed Request For Proposal (RFP) documents can be downloaded from this link.


    RFP Briefing / Site Visit for Vendors

    Date: 5 July 2017

    Time: 1000 hrs

    Venue: Level 3 Board Room, 2 Peng Nguan Street, SPD Ability Centre, Singapore 168955


    If you require clarifications on this RFP, please e-mail to admin_cs@spd.org.sg