Mr Kamalarajan M Chettiar

Member, Audit Committee

Mr Rajan is qualified as a barrister-at-law and is currently the Managing Director of Rajan Chettiar LLC. He specialises in all aspects of family and personal laws, and also practises in the areas of employment, criminal, commercial and conveyancing laws. He is one of the first collaborative family lawyers in Singapore. He is an Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and a Court appointed volunteer mediator of the State Courts Court Dispute Resolution, Family Justice Court and in the Community Mediation Centre. He is also a Court-appointed Child Representative who assists the Court in complex child custody cares.

Besides legal work, Mr Rajan is also involved in the social services scene since 1990. He was a former Board member of SPD and a legal advisor to the Centre For Family Harmony, a voluntary welfare organization which provides child access services to divorced parents.