Make Storytelling at Home Fun and Interactive for Your Child
Reading stories is a great way to engage and spend time with your child at home. SPD’s senior EIPIC teacher, Hasliah Hashim, shares some tips to help you get started.
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Supporting your Child’s Second-language Learning
Learning a second language presents many benefits and practical advantages. However, with more people using English as their main language, children have lower motivation and fewer opportunities to gain proficiency [...]
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Using Mealtimes to Support Language Development in Children
Parents can acquire and apply evidence-based language strategies that are effective in supporting the language development of young children with language delays. SPD’s speech therapist, Michelle Sim, shares some language [...]
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Meet Felicia Ng, the Educational Therapist (Professionals’ Day Special)
As an educational therapist, Felicia Ng supports pre-schoolers with learning difficulties, and often, family and community involvement are the key pieces that form a comprehensive ecosystem of care for the [...]
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Meet Glenn, the Social Worker (Professionals’ Day Special)
A social worker who wears many hats, Glenn Seet did not start out knowing that he wanted to do social work. It was through a friend’s suggestion that brought Glenn [...]
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Meet Nurul Atiqah, the Physiotherapist (Professionals’ Day Special)
Professionalism is one of SPD’s service quality values. In conjunction with our Professional Day which falls on 4 September 2020 this year, we bring you a new five-part weekly series [...]
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