In the Kitchen with the One-Handed Baker
Even though Kelvin used to cook prior to his stroke and knows his way around the kitchen, having to bake now with just one hand posed several new challenges.
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Wheelchair User Gets Back in the Driver’s Seat
A spinal cord injury left Mr Tan Hung Bak with weakness in his legs and lower trunk, resulting in him having to use a wheelchair to ambulate. However, the 56-year-old [...]
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This Book is My Voice
Eight-year-old Rizq has difficulties with limbs control and speech challenges due to quadriplegic cerebral palsy. His mum Mdm Hidayah shows us how he uses the PODD book to communicate and [...]
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Her Eyes are the Windows to the World
Vivian demonstrates using the eye-gaze system to access her laptop, run her online store, play games and connect with her friends.
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Stroke Survivor Learns to Cycle Again
During one of his rehabilitation sessions, Rayson, a stroke survivor thought how nice it would be if he could cycle again. However, it was a challenge as his sense of [...]
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