SPD June Charity Bake Sale 2021

This June, a group of home bakers are coming together to raise funds for SPD and make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Each baker will donate minimum 20% of their sale proceeds to SPD for all orders received through this bake sale. You can place your order between 17 May to 14 June 2021.

Enjoy delicious bakes and learn about people with disabilities

As part of our public education efforts, you will also receive a simplified communication board (with instructions on how to use it) used by people with speech impairment and videos of our beneficiaries.

We hope that the communication board and videos will provide you with a better understanding of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.  For those with children, it can serve as a bonding activity during the June school holidays for you and your child / children to create greater awareness of people who are differently abled.

Place an order today!

To order, simply click on the order form for each baker below. Once your order is received, the home baker will contact you to arrange for payment and collection / delivery.


  1. Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

To order, click https://forms.gle/YmDALBa2YM7XmH8b7


  1. Macarons in Guai Qiao Bao Bao Design
  2. Fudgy Brownie

To order, click https://forms.gle/XLniVD4Ww6aWn4oo6


  1. Kinder Bueno rolls 
  2. Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake (non bake)

To order, click https://forms.gle/tD6mxS1XQWgCiXfS7


  1. Nasi Lemak Cookies
  2. Matcha Cookies
  3. Lapsap Milo Cookies
  4. Dark Chocolate Cookies
  5. Coffee Cookies
  6. Florentine

To order, click https://forms.gle/EbmKULv9Zr4EgKVN8


  1. Mini brownies
  2. Chonkies
  3. Maple Butterscotch cookies

To order, click https://forms.gle/D6WRkmdRD6KzB6Qn7


  1. Lollicookies Chocolate Chip Flavour
  2. Handcrafted Classic Butter Cookie
  3. Sourdough Muffin
  4. Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

To order, click https://forms.gle/roFUutqpTxPdTK4q8


  1. Classics Bake Box
    Every box contains 1 of each of the following:

    • Matcha Yuzu Levain-Style Cookie
    • Ruby Pistachio Levain-Style Cookie
    • Caramelized Pecan Levain-Style Cookie
    • Speculoos Brownie
    • 70% Callebaut Dark Chocolate Brownie
  1. Nostalgia Bake Box
    Every box contains 1 of each of the following:

    • Cookies & Cream Levain-Style Cookie
    • Milo Dinosaur Levain-Style Cookie
    • Chocolate Chip Walnut Levain-Style Cookie
    • Nutella & Sea Salt Brownie
    • Peanut Butter & Valrhona Raspberry Brownie

To order, click https://forms.gle/oixVL89BwRuzCDnQ8


  1. Orh Nee Burnt Cheesecake

To order, click https://forms.gle/eioWHGKY5AoTn6ESA


  1. Vanilla Mille Crepe cake
  2. Matcha Mille Crepe cake

To order, click https://forms.gle/4aSsb4YAGms7kRCe8


  1. Ondeh Ondeh Cupcake

To order, click https://forms.gle/GFy458eCbAgWvinw9


  1. Dark chocolate chips cookies
  2. Sesame Peanut Cookies
  3. Coffee Walnut Cookies

To order, click https://forms.gle/jDGxK33X1Xq3quNHA


  1. Babka Loaves with Nutella Hazelnut / Biscoff Cookie Butter / Dark Chocolate Ganache / Cinnamon Chocolate Chips

To order, click https://forms.gle/zghroTLQayJLBnua8


  1. Lapis Roll
  2. Kahlua Tiramisu / Chocomisu / Milomisu

To order, click https://forms.gle/B4FZZ1EAZvz4JDia8


  1. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Brown Butter Macadamia Dulcey Cookies

To order, click https://forms.gle/QUQniomhujG6xE1w7


  1. Tulips Romance
  2. Tulips Gift Set

To order, click https://forms.gle/YWFAcGVa8zQ2vhDw8


  1. The Classic (Original)
  2. The Classic (Flaky Sea Salt)
  3. Half Half Brownies

To order, click https://forms.gle/GY3abWVunT8j1zvj8


  1. Kawaii desert Icing cookies
  2. Father’s Day Icing cookies

To order, click https://forms.gle/CWNonPeu3uoK9n4u8

Alternatively, you may choose to make a donation here.

If you have any questions, please contact Calvin Lee at 6579 0780 .

For more information on this event, please contact us here. Please select “Events” in the Subject drop down menu in the contact form before clicking on the Submit button.