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Year-End Concerts and Graduations

EIPIC Graduation Ceremony
Six-year-old Ryzgy was one of the first few children who were enrolled in the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) at SPD@Jurong in 2012. On 26 November, he joined 30 others in graduating from the programme and moving into the next phase of their educational journey.

Close to 200 students and their family attended the graduation ceremony organised by SPD’s EIPIC team. The ceremony was held at the Queenstown Community Centre with Mrs Tania Koch, wife of the Acting Head of Mission of Germany, as the Guest-of-Honour, who gave out the certificates to the young graduates.

Diagnosed with various health conditions since young, such as spastic diplegia, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and microcephaly with global developmental delay, Ryzgy has made much progress over the years. He has grown into a confident and positive child who never fails to greet others with the traditional “Salaam” or a hi-five.

Daniel Lee who has been with SPD’s EIPIC since March 2014, also showed marked improvements. The 6-year-old has transformed from a shy and reserved boy to one who is comfortable playing and interacting with his teachers and peers during class activities.

Ryzqy and Daniel’s achievements, as well as that of every single child in EIPIC, would not have been possible if not for the support and cooperation of their families.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the children’s intervention journey and also for making the presentation ceremony a memorable one for all those present.

SPD DAC "The Voice Fiesta 2015"
Staff at the Day Activity Centre (DAC) worked on nurturing the clients’ self-help skills every day through balanced and structured programmes that focus on social and recreational activities of daily living.

The clients, with the help of their training officers, always look forward to showcasing new skills that they had picked up.

This year, close to 80 DAC clients and the centre’s staff collaborated on “The Voice Fiesta 2015”. For the first time, a fashion show was staged at the DAC on 27 November. The clients were excited to exercise their creativity.
They were outfitted in different costumes depicting different professions such as teacher, samsui woman and footballer. SPD staff, volunteers and the other DAC clients roared and clapped in approval whenever they sashayed across the ‘DAC catwalk’ and posed for pictures.

A mainstay of the year-end concert, the singing competition paired clients to present duets in different languages. Everyone sang along to popular tunes and the training officers in the crowd were proud to see their charges giving their best in their performances.
DAC training officer Pooja was all praise not only for the participants, but also for the audience, "The crowd was terrific! Their encouragments and cheers brought out the best from our clients!"

“The Voice Fiesta 2015”proved to be another entertaining and successful event to close the year for everyone at DAC, and we look forward to next year’s with great enthusiasm.

We congratulate the following winners - 
Duet Singing Category: Lim Kok Wei and Yeo Siew Choo who sang '路边的野花不要采'
Duet Humming Category: Aidil Hidayat and Abdul Mansur Jamaludin who sang 'Pop Yeh Yeh'
Runway Fashion Show, Best Stage Show: Fong Chee Kit dressed as local footballer Fandi Ahmad
Runway Fashion Show, Most Confident Personality: Sim Yee Yeh dressed in 'Retro 70's' fashion 
Runway Fashion Show, Best Dressed: Danny Loh dressed as a trishaw man