Wishes for the New Year! | SPD - Singapore

Wishes for the New Year!


It's 2015 and we are all looking forward to a great year ahead! Here are some of our wishes for the New Year.


“Hi everyone, on behalf of all the therapists from SPD, I would like to wish all SPD staff, clients and caregivers a very happy 2015. May we continue to appreciate the wonders of life and treasure each moment we spend living or working or doing the things we enjoy.” – Teng Mei Ling (above, left), Occupational Therapist, SPD Therapy Hub


“Wishing all colleagues a fulfilling journey in 2015 in assisting our clients with their rehabilitation, training and employment pursuits!” – Jeffrey Chin, Senior Assistant Director, Adult and Elderly Services


“Wishing all my friends and everyone peace, joy, happiness and good health for year 2015!” – James Poh, client at SPD Day Activity Centre


“We can’t expect every day in the new year to be good, but there’s sure to be something good in every day. A healthy and blessed year ahead!” – Ker Yin Horng, Assistant Director, Advocacy and Outreach


“I wish that in 2015 both myself and my colleagues at the Sheltered Workshop will be able to get a job in the open market. I will also be training hard in my bowling so that I could get selected to represent Singapore in the ASEAN Para Games 2015 this December.” - Norliana Bte Mohamed Ajam, a trainee at SPD Sheltered Workshop