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Thank you, Teachers of SPD!


Many of us would not have come this far if not for our dedicated teachers who spent time nurturing and believing in us. This is what our early intervention teachers do every day. As we celebrate Teachers’ Day on 31 August, we would like to dedicate our gratitude to the hardworking teachers at our Building Bridges EIPIC Centres.

Not only do they teach, our teachers from the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) also take charge of planning and monitoring the child’s learning, making sure that each child is learning at an adequate pace just right for him or her. They are also the link between the child and the caregivers, with meetings scheduled to update the caregivers on their child’s progress.

Transformation from Dedication

“SPD’s dedicated teachers have turned Louis from a struggling child to a confident, happy boy. Their professional advice and hard work are priceless! They understand what he likes, his strengths and weaknesses, and know what triggers him. The EIPIC teachers also help to build on his strengths while working on things that he has to improve in. Thank you, teachers!” said Ms Tracy Vu, mother of our EIPIC client, Louis.

Ms Vu’s sentiments is just one of many submitted by caregivers complimenting our teachers and how well they have done to improve their children and help them grow. As an EIPIC teacher, one has to be patient and nurturing, and these teachers are nothing short of professional, always giving their all when it comes to the clients that the caregivers have entrusted into their hands.

There have been many transformational stories.

“My child is now more responsive, compliant and expressive. The teachers helped Gabriel become more ready to grow and improve,” said Ms Ang Hui Shan, whose son Gabriel, is supported at the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD@HQ.

Teachers’ Camaraderie

Besides dedicating their time to their clients, the EIPIC teachers remember to have fun while at work as well. The camaraderie and tight relationships mean that EIPIC teachers are never alone. Whenever help is needed, it would be granted by fellow teachers. This is especially important because at times, clients can be tough to handle. The mutual support is important for the teachers to be able to carry out their jobs without extra worries.

Caregivers can be assured that their children are in good hands as the teachers communicate effectively with one another to ensure that the client always receives the best possible education and experience.

The EIPIC teachers are a fun bunch of people who love what they do.

Thank You, Teachers!

“Being an EIPIC teacher means I get to play a supportive role in the children and the caregivers’ lives. We get to cultivate a nurturing learning environment for the children which allow them to have opportunities for social interaction. There is a huge significance to the roles played by teachers as the children are undergoing a crucial developmental stage in their lives,” said Ms Namirah D/O Noordeen, a teacher at the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at SPD@HQ.

The care that the teachers have for the clients and their caregivers is shown through this simple statement.

We take this opportunity to thank all the teachers, the heroes of our education system.