Teachers’ Day Off at East Coast Park | SPD - Singapore

Teachers’ Day Off at East Coast Park


In celebration of Teachers’ Day, an outing to East Coast Park was organised for staff of the four Building Bridges EIPIC Centres and the Development Support Programme (DSP) on 31 August.

Team bonding was the primary aim of the event which also helped to enhance communication between colleagues and promote social bonding among the staff from different centres and programmes.

The event was held at Marine Cove at East Coast Park. The 120 staff involved participated in activities that promoted maximum interaction and encourage them to get to know one another better.

The sand sculpting competition was the day’s highlights where participants worked together to create sculptures from sand based on the five core principles of early intervention which are practiced over the world, such as being family-centered and creating natural, inclusive environments.

Winning teams were picked based on their understanding of the early intervention principles, teamwork and creativity.

“It was a different experience as we are exposed to nature instead of being in an enclosed space for team bonding,” said social work assistant Michelle Tham.