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SPD@Jurong Introduces Aqua Therapy

SPD@Jurong introduced the first Aqua Therapy programme for children with physical disabilities enrolled in the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC). The session was conducted at a private pool near the centre. Three young clients, accompanied by their caregivers, plunged into the pool on 25 May, kick-starting their first 30-minute aqua therapy session conducted by our physiotherapists and an EIPIC teacher.
Water, as a therapeutic medium, provides a buoyant, gravity-decreased environment, enabling the children to move freely. It also helps to relax tight muscles as well as improve range of motion and flexibility. In addition, the resistance of the water helps strengthen all of the muscles in the body and improves both balance and endurance.
The children enjoyed the session and feedback from the caregivers were positive.
Mdm Nur Hidayah Bte Shahrudin, whose two-year -old son Rizq Nawfal Bin Hambril was a participant, gave thumbs up for the programme. “The aqua therapy session was a new experience for Rizq. He enjoyed himself thoroughly, exercising while playing in water. He seems more ready to do his usual stretching of muscles and reaching for the toys presented to him. After the session, we even bought him a mini swimming pool to continue the therapy at home. I hope SPD@Jurong will continue to provide this enrichment session in the future.”
Mdm Chan Bi Yi, who was there with her two-year-old daughter Khloe, agreed: “Khloe has always enjoyed playing with water. I am sure the aqua therapy sessions will be good for her.”
The ‘Water Play to Promote a Child’s Physical Development’ introductory training session was conducted in March 2015 for parents and caregivers of children attending SPD’s two EIPIC centres.
The next aqua therapy session programme will commence sometime in August 2015 and there are plans for this programme to be a permanent fixture of the curriculum.