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SPD Wins at Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2018



Staff who constantly deliver their best to serve our clients, whether directly or indirectly in their work, were honoured at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) Ceremony on 30 January 2018.

The 12 staff who received the award for Service Excellence in the “Silver” category from Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong included social worker Lim Poh Poh, employment support specialist Azlin Binte Amran and occupational therapist Mrinmoy Karmakar.

“This award is dedicated to the team of social workers and case managers who work tirelessly alongside me at SPD. It is them who inspire me to do better for our clients and to walk the extra mile to create that delightful experience,” said Poh Poh who has been with SPD for three years.

"I am truly humbled and honoured by this award, and would like to thank SPD for recognising my work and nominating me for it. When working with clients, I focus on the person rather than the impairment. At the end of the day, when my efforts bring smiles to them or when they show their appreciation by telling me the therapy has helped them, this really makes motivates me," added Mrinmoy.

Commending the winners on their outstanding service quality, SPD executive director, Mr Abhimanyau Pal, said: “We are heartened that the good work of our staff has been recognised on a national platform. We hope that this will inspire all others in the organisation to go the extra mile in their daily work and strive to deliver the best care to our clients.”

Launched in 2011, the SHQSA is a nationwide platform to honour healthcare professionals who have demonstrated remarkable commitment in delivering quality care and excellent service.

Here are our winners and congratulations to all of them.

- Lena Ang, Administration Executive
- Azlin Binte Amran, Employment Support Specialist
- Dawn Ching, Occupational Therapist
- Adeline Chua, Administration Executive
- Gordon Ho, Senior Communications Executive
- Ishak Bin Johari, Social Worker Associate
- Mrinmoy Karmakar, Occupational Therapist
- Pauline Koh, Senior Physiotherapist I
- Lim Poh Poh, Social Worker
- Jessica Luo, Administration Executive
- Tan Lee Huan, Senior Workshop Supervisor
- Michelle Tham, Social Work Assistant