SPD Welcomes Ms Ong Toon Hui to the Board of Management | SPD - Singapore

SPD Welcomes Ms Ong Toon Hui to the Board of Management

We extend a warm welcome to Ms Ong Toon Hui who joined SPD’s Board of Management on 14 March 2016.

Ms Ong is the Dean and Chief Executive Officer of Civil Service College Singapore and concurrently Deputy Secretary (Development) in the Public Service Division of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prior to her current appointment, Ms Ong served in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Public Service Division and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Her public sector experience includes overseeing leadership development and human resource policies in the service, as well as policies on social safety nets, family development, social sector development, rehabilitation and protection of youth-at-risk.

Ms Ong is no stranger to the social service sector. She has 10 years of experience working with voluntary welfare organisations under the MSF’s portfolio and as a National Council of Social Service Board member.

SPD President Ms Chia Yong Yong thanks those who have served on the Board and also welcomes Ms Ong to the team. “We are thankful to our Board members who have contributed their expertise with passion. Selflessly, some have made way for Board renewal. With new Board members, we benefit from different perspectives as a whole and we are excited to have Toon Hui on SPD’s Board. Her knowledge of the sector and its policies will help increase our impact in the community,” she said.