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SPD Clients Try Out Hands-free Fare Gates at Four MRT Stations


Tan Kim Kee with her RFID card.

Taking the MRT during the peak hours can be quite an uphill task for Tan Kim Kee who is a wheelchair user and our Sheltered Workshop (SW) trainee. She has to maneouver her manual wheelchair amid the peak-hour crowd while having to tap her EZ-Link card at the fare gates. A new hands-free ticketing technology may soon enhance the commuter experience of those with disabilities like Kim Kee.

She was among a handful of trainees from SPD who were invited to participate in a trial launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to allow persons with disabilities to enter and exit MRT stations without tapping their fare cards.

During the six-month trial starting from June 2018, participants are able to access the wide hands-free gantries at Redhill, Tiong Bahru, Kembangan and Bedok MRT stations without tapping in or out. The hands-free fare gates work with Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices with an application or a radio-frequency identification (RFID) test card. The device and the test card do not have to be in close contact with the fare reader, which means commuters with disabilities can have them in their pockets or bags.

“Technology can make things easier for people with disabilities. When taking buses or trains, it can be difficult but we are used to it. This new technology really helps a lot,” said Kim Kee.

Lim Chin Hwa believes that the new hands-free fare gates bring about much added convenience.

Sharing her sentiments was another trial participant, Lim Chin Hwa. “It is really convenient for us,” he said.

Efforts like this to make our public transportation more inclusive is a step towards encouraging greater social integration in the community.