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Seeding Service Excellence Values in SPD


The SPD Service Excellence Award (SEA) is a quarterly award given to SPD staff. The award aims to inculcate a service-centric culture within the organisation, and to acknowledge and reward staff for giving their best in delivering exemplary service. The winners for this quarter were announced at a staff event on 3 November and they are senior social worker, Angela Chung, occupational therapist, Sheena Astilla, training officer, Shahidah Lam, and senior communications manager, Geraldine Lai.

The Commendation for Service Excellence Award was also given to both Nurul Fatin Binte Khairudin and Julie Law.

The awardees were lauded for demonstrating service quality values in their work and conduct.

“Sheena always takes initiative to do well in her work and is also constantly communicating with the other disciplines so as to provide the best for her clients,” said Azlin Amran, Sheena’s colleague in the Transition to Employment (TTE) programme.

All service excellence award winners have a mentality to do things well, becoming stewards in their own professions and of SPD.


Shahidah plays an integral role in supporting the Day Activity Centre’s (DAC) collaborations with both internal and external stakeholders. She leads the DAC’s core choir which actively participates in various SPD events such as the SPD Ability Walk 2016 and the SPD Charity Show 2017. With these roles, Shahidah works with many people within and outside of SPD to further the interests of clients.

Clearly, working in tandem with one another internally and externally is an important pillar for service excellence.


“As a SPD staff, Geraldine truly walks the talk of advocating inclusion not just with SPD clients but with other persons with disabilities in the community. She was seen helping a woman with vision loss and guiding her around the MRT station. She also assisted in guiding and finding a seat for the woman on the train,” said Melissa Tan from the Inclusion Advancement team.

Having a heart for people and the desire to make someone’s day just that little bit better is a great start to providing quality service.


Basic respect is an important part of service excellence. Angela works exceedingly well with the programme staff and management by always respecting the views and opinions of all parties.

Respecting one another, whether clients, caregivers, volunteers or partners, who come through our doors is so important. Respect between colleagues and staff are also highly sought and appreciated in the workforce.

These four service quality values help to enhance one’s work attitudes and ultimately, provide the best service experience to all our stakeholders.

SPD wants to congratulate all the award recipients and is confident they will continue to be role models of good service!

“SPD wishes to consistently provide top service in all that we do. We encourage our staff to go the extra mile and want excellent service to be part of our culture. We hope to inspire and continue onwards in this journey, and may the clients experience the fruits of a good service culture,” said Susan Teo, Service Quality Manager.