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MOLLY Goes to SPD@Jurong!

SPD@Jurong, which offers the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC), collaborated with the National Library Board to bring mobile library bus MOLLY to the centre so that our children can enjoy an immersive library experience.

MOLLY has been visiting SPD@Jurong every last Thursday of the month since January. The children always have a lot of fun whenever Molly pops over for a visit.

EIPIC teacher Justina Ho finds this learning concept useful in helping her students learn better.

“MOLLY has given the students in my class a very good re-introduction to reading. Going into the bus and reading books with peers have inspired in each of them a greater desire for reading,” she said.

The librarians manning the mobile libraries also brought activities such as storytelling, arts and craft and sing-along sessions into the classrooms. A shadow puppet storytelling and craft workshop was conducted recently to cultivate the children’s interest in reading.

“Puppetry is a powerful way to bring story time to life and the children were very excited. The puppets served as a wonderful visual aid for the children in retaining their attention and they are more willing to learn when they are having fun,” said EIPIC teacher Sha'dah Suib.

We sure are looking forward to MOLLY’s next visit in May before it roves to other centres!