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Leveraging Technology to Improve Productivity and Quality of Service


As part of our five-year strategic roadmap, SPD has embarked on initiatives to boost our IT infrastructure and systems to improve our quality of care to clients and enhance organisational productivity. IT manager Ee Boon Siong and director of organisational development, Quek Hong Choon explains more in this article.

One major initiative SPD undertook since early 2017 was to digitise our client information. We envision a client management system (CMS) that would centrally store all our clients’ information. Such a centralised IT platform would help to address issues to do with data duplication and allow the stream-lining of operational processes that would enhance productivity and improve service quality.

One main advantage we hope to gain from the exercise is to turn raw data into meaningful statistics for analysis and reporting purposes that could potentially provide valuable insights. With greater productivity from leaner processes, staff will be able to focus on delivering better quality of care to our clients.

The CMS initiative compliments our overall IT strategy of strengthening the efficiency of work, ensuring that systems and data are compatible across different IT platforms. We have also been advocating cloud-based solutions to support a more mobile workforce and flexible work arrangements. Wireless network access has also been ramped up across all the centres.

Other IT initiatives include the launch of an online portal to support growing numbers in the organisation in terms of staff. It allows the IT department to monitor, assess and manage service requests and reported incidents. It also includes real-time systems and network alerts. Service quality for IT services can thus be assured through data analysis and prioritisation of IT support resources.

“Moving forward, IT department will continue to champion, enable and leverage promising technologies to help deliver a more pleasant experience for our clients and staff,” said Quek Hong Choon, Director for Organisational Development, SPD.

As we continue to support people with disabilities, it is important that the organisation is backed up by a sound IT system which allows staff to work seamlessly and efficiently. With these improvements, SPD is poised to serve more and reach out to more people who need help.