In Memory of Mr K V Veloo | SPD - Singapore

In Memory of Mr K V Veloo


SPD is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr K V Veloo on 1 June 2018. Mr Veloo was an honoured member of SPD’s Management Committee from 1996 to 2004.

As part of the Committee, Mr Veloo was instrumental in the strategic direction planning exercise in 1998/1999 that was to give SPD the directional thrust into the next millennium. He was involved in many aspects of SPD’s operation and growth which saw more services extended to people with disabilities. The Rehabilitation Centre and Assistive Technology Centre set up then form part of SPD’s core services for people with disabilities today.

Mr Veloo was also part of the committee that helped set out plans and directions for SPD’s social service support as well as the then newly-formed Day Activity Centre. These programmes and services catered to over 1,000 people with disabilities in the last year alone. Even after stepping down, Mr Veloo’s concern for people with disabilities was evident in the close ties he maintained with SPD.

We will always remember him for his remarkable attitude, indefatigable spirit and pioneering work in the field of social work in Singapore. He will be dearly missed.