Holiday Fun and Games at Building Bridges EIPIC Centre | SPD - Singapore

Holiday Fun and Games at Building Bridges EIPIC Centre


The Building Bridges EIPIC Centre located at SPD’s headquarters at Tiong Bahru kicked off the school holidays with a morning of fun and games for our children and their families on Saturday, 27 May.

The event was put together by volunteers from the Singapore Management University’s (SMU) BenTre Team and our planning committee. It gave our clients the opportunity to have fun while bonding with their families.

The choice of activities, which included a movie screening, Zumba, games, art and craft and sensory play, also enabled the children to practice their social interaction, communication, fine motor, gross motor and problem solving skills. A photo booth was set up so that participants could take home memories from the day.

It was wonderful to see more than 30 young clients, siblings and caregivers come together for some good fun. Mrs Ong, mother to Shannon Ong, said, “I’m very appreciative for this day as it’s a Saturday morning and I can see a lot effort was put in to organise this event. The kids had fun!”

The event would not have been possible without the generosity and dedication of the 17 volunteers from SMU who came to learn more about people with disabilities and also to bring smiles and laughter to the children.

Gabriel Chuan, a volunteer, said, “It was good! All of the SPD staffs are very experienced and I wish I could learn more from all of them. Knowing that they are all very passionate about their jobs left me feeling really grateful.”