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Help from Zhenghua Primary School Teachers


Teachers from Zhenghua Primary School volunteered at SPD’s headquarters at Tiong Bahru.

SPD welcomed a group of more than 30 teachers from Zhenghua Primary School on 9 March who spent a few hours helping out with packing work at our sheltered workshop and developing teaching materials at the Building Bridges EIPIC Centre at the SPD Ability Centre.

Building Resources for SPD’s Building Bridges EIPIC Centres

More than 20 volunteers were deployed to help develop learning resources for SPD’s Building Bridges EIPIC Centres. Dawn Wee, programme head for the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) and Continuing Therapy Programme (CTP), introduced the teachers to the programmes and the resources that are used in our classrooms. They were also briefed on how the resources will help the children in their learning journey.

Volunteers were briefed before working on the learning materials.

This helped to ease the volunteers into their role and, in groups of four to five; they developed seven resource materials in a relatively short time.

“Before we can cultivate good values in the students we teach, we need to first cultivate good values in ourselves. It is our desire to walk the talk and learn more about children with special needs and what resources can help them,” said Mdm Tang Li Tan, one of the volunteers.

The volunteers developing resource materials for the Building Bridges EIPIC centres.

Packing at the sheltered workshop

The other group of volunteers headed for the sheltered workshop where they helped trainees with some packing work.

“This is definitely a meaningful experience. We also get the opportunity to interact with people with disabilities and see them at work,” said Ms Nicole Khor.

Ms Pamela Kee, another teacher, commented that the opportunity to volunteer at SPD was also an opportunity for her to give back to the society. Her colleague, Ms Daphne Lau, who shared the sentiment, said: “It is humbling as well! It makes us truly appreciate what we have and the things we can do.”

Teachers helping with the packing at SPD’s Sheltered Workshop.

We wish to express our gratitude to all these volunteers and all others who have given their precious time to lend us a helping hand.

There is always room to give back, and we encourage people from all over Singapore who wish to do so, to reach out to us.

For volunteering opportunities, please e-mail