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Going the Extra Mile and Winning Smiles


What would you deem as excellent service? Is it serving with heart, or being fervent and enthusiastic in all that you do? While service excellence is measured against different yardsticks, we can all agree that going the extra mile is always going to be one of the important factors that constitutes excellent service.

The three recent recipients of the Service Excellence Award – Kunal Ghosh, centre manager of SPD@Bedok, Eric Hong, administrative executive and Emily Koh, a physiotherapist – all exemplified the ethos of going the extra mile. We had the opportunity to hear them speak about having a good service mindset.

Updates (U): What motivates you to go the extra mile?

Eric (E): As an administrative executive, I manage a lot of the maintenance and facilities issues in the building. I feel the need to do more because it involves all of our safety and comfort. Workplace safety is very important!

Kunal (K): Being a centre manager, we interact a lot with our clients’ caregivers. We understand their needs and concerns and try our best to meet them through our programme. Trying our best to build relationships with them is very important as it helps us communicate better. This enables us to help the children in more ways. When you see the progress that the clients are making, that is a powerful motivating factor and it keeps me going.

Emily (Em): I work with a lot of motivated and dedicated professionals that shows me day in and day out what going the extra mile means. They take time to empathise with the clients and fight for their interests. They inspire me to always take a step further.

U: What is quality service to you?

Em: For me, quality service is high quality care that is focused on the clients. I believe that high quality service is achieved through a dedicated team of people that are collaborating and working well with one another.

K: Good quality service means that we always stand by SPD’s values. If we keep them in mind, it is hard to go off-track. Professionalism, integrity, commitment and compassion are all important for us to give our best. Most importantly, we work towards SPD’s vision and mission and remain client-focused through it all.

U: What is one thing you would like to encourage your fellow colleagues (future recipients of the award) with?

E: In whatever you do, give it your best.

K: Stay focused and continue doing what you do. The job can be challenging at times but at the end of the day, the progress will speak for itself. It is definitely a fulfilling job.

Em: Do not belittle the little things. Sometimes, the smallest steps can cause the biggest change!

Kunal and Eric with their certificates of service excellence.

These are valuable lessons in service excellence indeed.

Here are some compliments for the three recipients:

For Kunal

“He is a caring manager. There was once when a few of the teachers had to bring a client to the hospital. They only returned at 8pm, way past the official working hours and Kunal was there, waiting for them. This shows how much he cares for his people.”

“He always respects other professionals, regardless of their age or experience. He does not interrupt or gives his views unnecessarily. He respects me as a person and a professional.”

For Eric

“Eric is very helpful. He is dependable and thoughtful in all that he does. More than that, he is patient and willing to listen. He stays past regular work hours to help out with the issues regarding facilities and maintenance and is very committed to what he does.”

As an administrative executive, Eric does his best to make sure that the day-to-day operations are in good order.

For Emily

“Though Emily is new to SPD, she is highly motivated, sincere and is a committed therapist who goes the extra mile to give holistic care to her clients. She is very kind and often soft-spoken with her colleagues, sincere in her profession and always maintains the good rapport with her clients.”

Emily is a dedicated physiotherapist who beieves in giving her best all the time.