Fun Learning for Children During Trick-or-Treat | SPD - Singapore

Fun Learning for Children During Trick-or-Treat

Close to 50 children from our Building Bridges EIPIC Centre went trick-or-treating at offices located at the SPD Ability Centre.

The activity was started last year by teachers and therapists who felt that this could be a fun platform in which they could also incorporate individual learning goals of the children.

The children, dressed in their quirky best, got to work on their communication skills and gross and fine motor skills as they made their way from the classrooms to the offices to request for treats from staff who were also dressed to the occasion, and thereafter thanking them appropriately. For some children who were unable to verbalise their requests, the teachers guided them using augmentative and alternative communications tools such as communication boards, cards and signs.

The children also got to work on their cognitive skills such as counting what they received and putting up a show and to share who they met along the way and what they collected.

The whole experience allowed the children to apply the skills they learnt in the classroom setting into a social situation.

Mrs Wo, who dressed her son Sebastian as a pirate for the activity, was very happy to see him enjoying and learning during the activity, “It all looks very fun! Sebastian even wore his pirate hat all the way home even though he took the bus!” she said.