Celebrating World Physical Therapy Day 2015 | SPD - Singapore

Celebrating World Physical Therapy Day 2015

Physiotherapists are allied health professionals who play a key role in helping people with chronic conditions or disabilities achieve their goals and potential to participate fully in society.

World Physical Therapy Day falls on 8 September every year, and is an opportunity for physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution their profession makes in keeping people well, mobile and independent. With that in mind, SPD’s physiotherapists marked the day on 10 September by organising games that tested our physical abilities. It was a great bonding session for the staff as they took time off to support this activity.

Held at the SPD Rehabilitation Centre, staff got into groups of five and gamely took on the challenges that tested participants’ strength, balance and co-ordination. The games included a relay race, playing the chapteh (a game that requires players to keep a weighted shuttlecock in the air by kicking it up with the heel of the foot) and going through hoops.

“I appreciate the efforts that our colleagues from the Rehabilitation team has put in to plan these games for us, and allowing us to gauge our physical abilities in this fun way,” said Chan Pang Hong, senior human resource executive.

We take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to all physiotherapists for their dedication and commitment to helping patients and clients get better to lead more fulfilling lives. More information about the profession can be found at here.