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Celebrating Racial Harmony Day with Friends


Teachers and children from Building Bridges EIPIC Centre in Tampines came in various ethnic costumes in celebration of Racial Harmony Day on 21 July.

To help provide learning opportunities that involve requesting, commenting or responding to others, other staff from the centre also helped out with the celebrations. The children’s exposure to different ethnic cultures also promotes inclusivity and harmonious living. Various foods from different ethnic cultures were presented and laid out for the children to try.

As our Building Bridges EIPIC Centres have a good mix of children from different ethnicities, it was a special and educative moment for the children.

The children also got to participate to different activities in the celebration. Chinese calligraphy, hopscotch, congkak were amongst the activities that were available for the children to explore.

“I really enjoyed myself! All of the teachers joined in to have fun!” said 6-year-old Elliot Nah.