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Celebrating Life’s Every Triumph Together – Wong Mui Mui


In this article, we find out more about Mdm Wong Mui Mui, 79, a jovial elderly auntie who enjoys coming to SPD for therapy sessions.

Before coming to SPD, Mdm Wong had a few falls and was hospitalised because of severe abdominal pain. Upon her discharge, she was referred to SPD for rehabilitation.

When Mdm Wong first started her therapy sessions, she had severe backaches and abdominal pain and had difficulty moving around such as getting in and out of bed. Due to the aches and pain, she had been inactive and her muscles weakened. The prescribed exercises during her occupational therapy and physiotherapy sessions helped to strengthen her muscles, and relieved her aches and pains. Through that, Mdm Wong improved significantly.

Mdm Wong always looks forward to her therapy sessions as she knows that she is being well taken care of and she appreciates the help of SPD’s therapists. She particularly enjoys the exercises which involves the use of the Wii, a home video gaming console. She says that she always feels better after exercising her stiff muscles. She also likes interacting and sharing her stories with our staff. With her improved condition, Mdm Wong is on maintenance rehabilitation and comes to the centre only once a week.

Mdm Wong’s daily activities include helping out at her family’s sundry store in Chinatown, whenever she can. She would also visit the temple once every few months with her friends. Although Mdm Wong is not well-off and requires financial assistance for her therapy sessions, she welcomes all that life brings her. She says that at this age, she would be contented with a place to rest, clothes on her back and simple fare.

Mdm Wong wants to share with the youths of today to plan early for the future so that there could be security later in their lives.

We wish Mdm Wong good health and hopes that she always stays positive!