Building Bridges EIPIC Centre from SPD@Jurong heads to the Animal Resort! | SPD - Singapore

Building Bridges EIPIC Centre from SPD@Jurong heads to the Animal Resort!


On 23 August 2017, a group of twenty-three children, fourteen staff and eight caregivers from SPD@Jurong’s Building Bridges EIPIC Centre made a trip down to the Animal Resort located at Seletar West Farmway for a field trip.

The kampong-style setting of the Animal Resort made it an ideal place for the children, who had varying profiles, to experience the rural side of Singapore. It also gave the children the opportunity to have close encounters and interactions with animals such as horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds.

The group received a warm welcome from staff of Animal Resort who gave them a short introduction of the place, the animals and the different feed available.

Coming to close proximity with the animals, the children were excited and motivated to communicate with their teachers and caregivers, requesting for feed to give it to the animals. A few were able to exercise their problem-solving skills by finding ways to feed the bigger birds that were in their cages.

“My son liked the animals and he enjoyed the field trip. I hope for more of this in the future!” Madam Poo Choo, mother of Astin Lim, said. Another caregiver, grandmother of Nabeel Niraj, commented that her grandson enjoyed himself and after the outing, is able to recall the names of the animals. She added that it was a good learning trip for him.

Some of the children were able to label and comment on the things that they saw using various learning concepts that were taught in class such as opposites, sizes and colours. The children could also correctly identify the different animals such as the horses, peacocks and geese.

“The Animal Resort outing was a great time for the children to spend time together outside the vicinity of the usual school setting. It was fun!” said Zanariah Binte Mohd Kamil, EIPIC teacher.

Taking the classroom outdoors, it was a day well spent at the Animal Resort for both caregivers and children.