Bowling with the FAC and Sheltered Workshop Trainees | SPD - Singapore

Bowling with the FAC and Sheltered Workshop Trainees



Drained from a busy few months rushing to meet contract deadlines for the Lunar New Year season, trainees from the Sheltered Workshop welcomed the 28 February bowling trip organised by the Freedom Adventure Club (FAC) at Jurong Superbowl.

It was an enjoyable affair for the more than 20 trainees who went, especially those who were bowling for the first time.

Betsy Quek has never bowled before as she has difficulties controlling her movements due to cerebral palsy. Reflecting the sentiments of others like her, the 51-year-old said at her first attempt, “Last time, I always see others bowl and I did not have a chance. I am very happy today to try bowling myself.”

From the smiles and squeals of delight at the bowling alley that day, there is no doubt the bowlers will look forward to another round soon!