All Hands on Deck at Sheltered Workshop | SPD - Singapore

All Hands on Deck at Sheltered Workshop



Our Sheltered Workshop was bustling with activities as trainees and volunteers worked hand in hand to get orders out of the door.

It was a busy time of the year for the workshop as everyone worked together to fulfill orders of Christmas and Chinese New Year cards as well as packing jobs that had been outsourced to us. The contracted packing projects included packing ‘ang pows’ or red packets for a temple and festive decorations for commercial companies.

Despite the busy schedule, the trainees enjoyed their time spent meaningfully engaged at the workshop, and 52-year-old Mr Lim Tow Chong is one such trooper.

“I feel happier and more productive at the Sheltered Workshop as there are people I can talk to and work to keep me busy,” said Mr Lim who joined the workshop last October when commuting became an issue for him when his company moved. He was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia, a condition that causes weakening of lower limbs, and has to rely on the wheelchair for mobility.

With greater awareness of our packing services, we have been approached by more companies that outsource this task to us. There are also a number of satisfied customers who refer their friends and business associates to us. These projects provide employment and training opportunities to more than 90 persons with disabilities at the workshop and the income generated also goes back into the running of the programme and to help them gain open employment when possible.

If you have any contract work that can be outsourced, please contact us at or call 6579 0700.