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A Holistic Learning for the Children in October

A holistic approach to learning allows children to develop and pick up different life skills more quickly. This is why teachers from our Building Bridges EIPIC Centre do their best to design curriculum and lesson plans that include not only knowledge acquisition in the classroom but also experiential learning.

Outing to the Science Centre’s KidSTOP
Celebrating Children’s Day early, the EIPIC teachers brought 36 children out to the Science Centre’s KidSTOP on 1 October. Everyone had fun exploring science with the many interactive activities that included knowing more about the human biology, understanding the food we eat, simple physics laws and more. The outing gave parents and caregivers the opportunity to spend time with their children outside of their usual routines.

Trick or Treat at SPD
The EIPIC teachers worked with about 60 children from the different EIPIC classes on their costumes and brushed up their social skills for weeks leading up to Halloween.

The aim was to incorporate fun into learning as the children went about putting what they learnt into use in a ‘trick or treat’ trip around the SPD Ability Centre between 28 and 30 October. Emphasis was on developing gross motor skills as they walked and climbed stairs, as well as communication and social interaction skills when greeting staff and articulating requests.

The children also exercised their creativity as they designed and created their costumes and accessories during art sessions, which also allowed the teachers to work on their fine motor skills. The teachers also roped in the parents to help plan and create the costumes with their children.

“We are glad to see the children enjoying the whole process and having fun going around for the ‘trick or treat’. I think they did really well as they overcame their fear and shyness to greet and request for treats. We are very proud of them,” said EIPIC teacher Anabelle Wang.

Marine Fun with MaxiCash
Sponsored by corporate partner Maxi-Cash, 19 children from EIPIC also headed out to the S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa on 30 October. They were transported into the underwater world where every encounter with a different marine animal was a moment to remember. Touching the starfish and sea cucumbers at the interactive Discovery Touch Pool also evoked squeals of delight from the children. It was a fruitful outing with the Maxi-Cash volunteers where the children’s sense of touch, sight and hearing were all engaged.

Mrs Chen, mother of 2-year-old Chen Xinyi, was pleased with the activities. “Xinyi enjoyed going through the aquarium with the rest of the kids and having lunch together. She also enjoyed the ‘trick or treat’ which was set up in surroundings familiar to her, and seeing all her teachers playing costume with her! She liked ‘trick or treating’ at the administrative office a lot and was very reluctant to leave! We also enjoyed KidSTOP, which normally wouldn't be my choice destination as it’s usually very crowded. Kudos to the teachers and sponsors who helped out in the events. I'm looking forward to more such activities for my shy girl. Hopefully with more, she can open up more.”

It was an eventful October for the children and we are glad for the opportunities to make learning fun for them.