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e-Filing Services for Taxi Drivers

Singapore, 12 March 2007 - Top Volunteer e-Filing Centre Run by Disabled People Expects to Serve Even More Taxi Drivers

An improved registration set-up at the lobby area
Faster service due to a refined web-based online computation
More e-filing counters
Quicker communication between registration counter and e-filing stations
They were prepared for 500 but close to 1,300 taxi drivers turned up at SPD for free e-filing services last year, earning it the top volunteer e-filing centre award from IRAS in 2006.

This year, expecting to serve up to 2,000 cabbies, improvements have been made to the e-filing service. These include

Offered since 2004, this service is a platform for disabled people to show their appreciation to taxi drivers for their support. Because of their physical limitations, taxis are often the only means of transport for many disabled people.

Taxi drivers are not the only ones benefiting from the service. The service provides apprenticeship training for SPD’s trainees and prepares them for open employment. “By doing free e-filing, we get to help taxi drivers. I’ve also learnt how to be patient and talk to them professionally”, said Lim Koon Heng, a wheelchair user after a road traffic accident in 1989. Koon Heng was given the 2006 e-Filing Volunteer – Outstanding Award by IRAS last year in recognition of his commitment, service, leadership qualities, and good understanding of the e-filing system.

This year, 16 disabled people will be involved in the service. An officer from IRAS will provide training to prepare them.

Details of the e-filing service are as follows:

Date: Weekdays from 15 Mar to 18 Apr 2007
Time: 11am to 3pm
Address: Society for the Physically Disabled
No. 2 Peng Nguan Street
SPD Ability Centre
Singapore 168955

Cabbies need to bring along their IRAS PIN Mailer or Form B, all documents to support their income, expenses and claims, and the BC/NRIC numbers of grandparents, parents spouse and/or children.

Those interested can call 6579 0746 or visit the website www.spd.org.sg for more details.