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    Chia Yong Yong


    Ms Chia Yong Yong, BBM, PBM
    President, Board of Management
    Member, Human Resource & Remuneration Committee


    Ms Chia is a member of SPD’s Board of Management of SPD since 2004 and has been serving as its president since 2008. She is a practising lawyer and a strong advocate for persons with disability. She sits in the Board of SG Enable, and is a member of the Committee on the Future Economy, the 3rd Enabling Masterplan, the Compulsory Education Advisory Panel and the Tote Board Charity (Social Service) Sub-Committee.


    With her training in law, Ms Chia contributes back to society through her involvement as the legal advisor and company secretary of Very Special Arts Ltd, a panel member of the Law Society’s approved Mediators and approved Investigative Tribunal members. She was selected by the parliamentary committee to take on the role of Nominated Member of Parliament and she served two terms from 2014 to 2018.


    Ms Chia was the winner of Women’s Weekly “Great Women of Our Times” in 2014, and received the Social Innovative Park Fellow Award in the same year. She was also awarded the Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (Public Service Star) in 2018, Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (Public Service Medal) in 2013, and the President’s Social Service Award (Individual Category) in 2011 for her voluntary contributions made to the social service sector.



    Ngan Wan Sing Winston


    Mr Ngan Wan Sing Winston
    Vice President, Board of Management
    Chairman, Audit Committee


    Mr Ngan is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2010 and serving as its vice-president since 2012. He is currently a partner (Financial Services) at Ernst & Young, and is a Chartered Accountant of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and practising member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. He is also a member of CPA Australia.


    Locally, Mr Ngan is actively involved as a member of various statutory board’s committees and panels. He is a member of ACRA’s Financial Reporting Technical Advisory Panel and Ethics Sub-committee of the Public Accountants Oversight Committee (PAOC).


    Mr Ngan has more than 20 years of audit and professional experience, with a focus on serving banking and asset management clients, with operations spanning Asia-Pacific. Apart from external audit services, he also provides other professional services including regulatory compliance advisory, fraud-related investigations, internal audit and internal controls for financial services clients.



    Chow Siew Ying


    Ms Chow Siew Ying
    Honorary Treasurer, Board of Management


    Ms Chow is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2013. She is presently the chief financial officer of National University Health Services Group Pte Ltd, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Commnunity Hospital. 


    Ms Chow has extensive work experience in the public healthcare, education and IT sectors, and was part of the pioneer team involved in the planning, building and fitting up of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. She oversees the Finance, Legal and Risk Management teams at the hospitals and she is also the appointed data protection officer for the hospitals. Ms Chow has 27 years of experience in various industries, of which 19 years are in healthcare, working mainly in the areas of corporate governance, strategic finance and planning and start-up projects.




    Mr Tang Liheng
    Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Board of Management

    Member, Services Committee


    Mr Tang joined the Public Service Division in 2016. He assists in the transformation of the Public Service so that it is better prepared to serve citizens and businesses. He facilitates improvements to government agencies’ service delivery models, and encourages innovations in the agencies.


    Mr Tang was previously in the Ministry of National Development, where he co-ordinated the strategies and development plans of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city project. Prior to that, he was in the Ministry of Finance overseeing social policies and financing measures to help Singapore companies internationalise. When he was in the Ministry of Home Affairs, he oversaw policies and operations of the Singapore Police Force to ensure security.


    Mr Tang graduated from the University of Michigan in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2008, he also obtained a master’s degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.



    Ho Lai Yun


    Prof Ho Lai Yun, BBM,PBS, PBM, JP
    Member, Board of Management
    Chairperson, Services Committee


    Prof Ho is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2012, and the chairman of the Services Committee since 2013. He is a practising paediatrician and neonatalogist at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), as well as the emeritus consultant to SGH’s Department of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine. Prof Ho teaches at the Duke-NUS Medical School and is also a clinical professor at the Yong Soo Lin School of Medicine.


    Serving actively in the community, Prof Ho sits in the board of management and working committees of various ministries, statutory boards and voluntary welfare organisations. Some of the establishments include the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service, Singapore Medical Council, Singapore Children’s Society, Autism Association of Singapore, Club Rainbow Singapore, and more.


    Prof Ho is an appointed Justice of the Peace since 2008, and also awarded the Pingat Bakti Setia (Long Service Medal) in 2009 and Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (Public Service Star) in 2010 in recognition of his contributions to society.



    Lim Hua Beng


    Mr Lim Hua Beng
    Member, Board of Management

    Member, Services Committee


    Mr Lim is a senior lecturer with the Health and Social Sciences Cluster at Singapore Institute of Technology.  He trained as an occupational therapist and practised at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He went on to become an educator, dedicated to grooming and mentoring Singapore’s future generation of occupational therapists at Nanyang Polytechnic and now the Singapore Institute of Technology.


    In additional to voluntary work with SPD, Mr Lim is involved in various workgroups and committees with the Allied Health Professions Council, National Council of Social Service and the Ministry of Health.  His articles on the developments of occupational therapy as a profession and elderly life engagements  have been published in various journals and bulletins. In 2007, Mr Lim was awarded the Tsuyoshi Sato Lectureship Award by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.  He also received the Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award from the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists in 2015 and the Educator Achievement Award from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2017.


    Ng Yee Sien


    Dr Ng Yee Sien
    Member, Board of Management
    Member, Services Committee


    Dr Ng is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2013. He is currently the senior consultant of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at SGH and the adjunct associate professor at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.


    Teaching regularly since 2000 as a registrar, Dr Ng has had several faculty appointments with NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. He has been appointed by MOH as a committee member to oversee Continuing and Integrated Care Training for Medical Students in all the Medical Schools in Singapore and also serves on the Medical Advisory Board for the Agency for Integrated Care.

    Dr Ng is a strong advocate for improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in society through rehabilitation and education, and is involved in many disability and rehabilitation support groups and societies. He is active in research, and has published widely in both the area of rehabilitation medicine and general medicine, and delivered lectures internationally on major rehabilitation issues. He has also mentored and supervised a large number of medical students and post-graduate physicians, including nursing and PhD students in both clinical and research education.



    Ong Toon Hui


    Ms Ong Toon Hui
    Member, Board of Management
    Chairperson, Human Resource & Remuneration Committee


    Ms Ong is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2016. She is presently the Dean and CEO of Singapore’s Civil Service College, and concurrently deputy secretary (Development) in the Public Service Division of the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Prior to her current appointment, Ms Ong served in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Public Service Division and Ministry of Social and Family Development. Her public sector experience includes overseeing leadership development and human resource policies in the service, policies on social safety nets, family development, social sector development, rehabilitation and protection of youth-at-risk. Her current role is to develop people for a first class public service.

    Ms Ong also serves as a board member on the Singapore Civil Service College and as chairperson of the School Advisory Board in Peirce Secondary School. She has also lately been appointed as member of NCSS Human Capital Development Panel and SIM University Programme Advisory Committee.



    Tan Soo Nan


    Mr Tan Soo Nan
    Member, Board of Management
    Chairperson, Fundraising Committee


    Mr Tan is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2015. He is presently the executive and non-independent director of Raffles Medical Group Ltd & Raffles Health Insurance Pte Ltd.


    In his previous appointment as chief executive officer of Singapore Pools (Pte) Ltd, Mr Tan initiated the iShine programme, which promotes staff volunteerism, and the “With a Heart” series of fundraising events which has benefitted many welfare organisations and worthy causes. During his tenure as chief executive of The Tote Board, Mr Tan was actively involved in helping non-profit and charitable organisations to build capability and capacity. With his strong belief in doing good and giving back to society, Mr Tan also holds positions in various organisations, such as chairman of Raffles Country Club, chairman of Temasek Foundation Management Services CLG Ltd, chairman of The Advisory Board of The Photographic Society of Singapore and vice president of The Football Association of Singapore Council.


    Yeo Teck Guan


    Mr Yeo Teck Guan

    Member, Board of Management

    Member, Fundraising Committee


    Mr Yeo is the group chief information officer (CIO) of Tote Board (Tote Board, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club) - IT Strategy and Operations, and has more than 30 years of experience in leading and managing both IT end user and vendor environments. With his foresight and expertise, Mr Yeo has led many ground breaking IT projects, and was named one of the Top CIO 100 in Asia Pacific by the CIO Asia Magazine for his outstanding leadership and innovative finesse in delivering cutting edge technologies that added a distinctive competitive advantage for his organisation in today’s highly connected, highly competitive market place.


    As an executive member of the Singapore Computer Society and IDeation Edge Asia, Mr Yeo frequently engages in dialogues and projects to nurture the next generation IT leaders. Using his IT knowledge to benefit the charity sector, Mr Yeo personally spearheaded and developed a new application called “PhotoLotto”, for the purpose of another dimension of fun and excitement to charity fundraisers.



    Zhang Weijie


    Mr Zhang Weijie
    Member, Board of Management
    Member, Services Committee


    Mr Zhang is director (Strategy) at National Research Foundation since September 2016. Prior to his latest appointment, he was director of the Residents/Neighbourhood Committees and the deputy director of Grassroots Planning & Programme at The People’s Association. He is a motivated and adaptable professional with strong public policy experience. His previous work experiences were in the government sector, where he was the assistant director for Placement & Scholarships Policy at the Ministry of Education, and assistant director for Land/Planning & Performance at the Ministry of Law.


    In his personal time, Mr Zhang is also a volunteer. Besides his involvement with SPD, he also chairs the Outreach Volunteer Alumni Link of the Stanford Club of Singapore, and was the trip leader for the Hopkins 4K for Cancer, where he led a team of 25 university students to cycle 4000 miles from Baltimore to San Francisco, to foster hope, spread awareness and raise funds in the fight against cancer.



    Abhimanyau Pal


    Mr Abhimanyau Pal
    Ex-Officio Secretary, Board of Management


    Mr Pal is the executive  director  of  SPD  since December 2010, and has close  to  25  years  of  experience  in  the  healthcare  and  social  service sectors, working with children, adults and  the elderly with various clinical conditions  in  different  settings.   


    One of the pioneers in championing outcome management initiatives in the social service sector in Singapore, Mr Pal is actively involved in developing best practices guidelines in service delivery, performance evaluation and outcome management system led by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). He is also a regular trainer for these topics at the Social Service Institute (SSI).


    Mr Pal is actively involved in working committees of various Ministries, statutory boards and schools.  He is a member of the Social Service Therapist Advisory Panel, One Rehab Implementation & Coordination Committee, Allied Health Professional Council (MOH), Special Needs Savings Scheme Committee (MSF), Social Service Sectoral Tripartite Committee (MSF/NCSS), Social Service Industry Skills and Training Council and CSS Industry Skills and Training Council (WDA), and the Workgroup for Enabling Employment (SG Enable). He is also a member of the Industry Advisory Committee in the Health Science Degree Programme at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), the Nanyang Polytechnic Occupational Therapy School Advisory Committee, and sits in the  Selection  Panel  for  Leadership  and  Development Scheme,  and  Sun  Ray  Scheme by NCSS.





    Suman Kishinchand Balani


    Ms Suman Kishinchand Balani
    Member, Audit Committee


    Ms Suman is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2010. She is an executive coach, and presently the managing partner of Strengths Coaching Asia LLP working with organisations to create and deliver developmental programmes for individuals and teams to meet organisational needs. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the International Coach Federation (ICF), leading initiatives to provide coaching to the community to help serve the flourishing of humanity through coaching.


    Prior to her coaching career, Ms Suman has over 20 years of leadership experience in payments, technology and healthcare services. Her corporate experience in diverse industries and roles enables her to relate to the challenges faced by her clients, and help expand their perspectives while guiding them through a process of self-discovery, making conscious choices and taking inspired actions.


    Rajan Chettier


    Mr Kamalarajan M Chettiar
    Member, Audit Committee


    Mr Rajan is qualified as a barrister-at-law and is currently the managing director of Rajan Chettiar LLC. He specialises in all aspects of family and personal laws, and also practises in the areas of employment, criminal, commercial and conveyancing laws. He is one of the first collaborative family lawyers in Singapore. He is an Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and a Court appointed volunteer mediator of the State Courts Court Dispute Resolution, Family Justice Court and in the Community Mediation Centre. He is also a Court-appointed Child Representative who assists the Court in complex child custody cares.

    Besides legal work, Mr Rajan is also involved in the social services scene since 1990. He was a former Board member of SPD and a legal advisor to the Centre For Family Harmony, a voluntary welfare organisation which provides child access services to divorced parents.



    Mr Kelvin Ling Ang Kerng
    Member, Audit Committee


    Mr Ling is Chief Corporate Officer and Group Chief Financial Officer of the Certis Group.  He also serves as Deputy Chairman for several business executive committees within the Group.


    Through a career spanning 35 years, Mr Ling held varied portfolios involving financial and accounting functions, planning and advisory roles, compliance and governance oversight, leading in cross jurisdictional integration of businesses, infrastructure set up and support of new businesses.  Prior to joining the Certis Group, Mr Ling spent 14 years with Far East Organisation where he took on various roles including director and Chief Operating Officer of Retail Business Group, president of Far East Retail Consultancy and director of Management Services of Far East Organisation.  He was Chief Financial Officer of Far East Orchard Limited prior to his Certis Group appointment.



    Yeo Jeu Nam


    Mr Yeo Jeu Nam
    Member, Audit Committee


    Mr Yeo is the managing director and founder of Radiance Consulting Pte Ltd. Prior to this, he was a senior consulting partner at Ernst and Young Consultants Pte Ltd for over 12 years. Mr Yeo has more than 30 years of consultancy experience, specialising in Strategic Change and Organisational Transformation, Integration Management and Organisational Realignment, Corporate Regeneration and Restructuring, Business Performance Improvement as well as Human Capital Solutions. He has advised numerous private and public sector companies from a broad spectrum of industries. Mr Yeo also sits on the Board of Directors of Frencken Group Limited, Swiber Holdings Limited and Vallianz Holdings Limited. He chairs the Audit Committee at Swiber Holdings and is the chairman of the Nomination Committee at Vallianz Holdings as well as the Remuneration Committee at all the three listed companies.


    Mr Yeo is a regular guest speaker at various public conferences and seminars including being guest speaker at one of the CEOs Breakfast Meetings organised by the American Business Council of Singapore. He has also been interviewed on numerous occasions on local radio and television current affairs programmes like Talking Point and Money Mind.



    Low Wong Fook


    Mr Low Wong Fook
    Member, Human Resource and Remuneration Committee


    Mr Low is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2005. He is also the appointed Executive Council Member of the Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore (ACMS) by the Ministry of Health. Previously, he served as a board member at the Jurong Health Services Pte Ltd for a period of six years.


    After retiring as the Principal and Senior Consultant of the Singapore Polytechnic, Mr Low became the project consultant of SPI (Singapore Polytechnic International Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Polytechnic). As a freelance consultant, Mr Low has provided consultancy and training to senior government officials and management and academic staff of education institutions overseas in the areas of governance and management, strategic planning and academic quality assurance. Some of the countries that benefited from his expertise are Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Mongolia, the People’s Republic of China and Rwanda.



    Poh Hwee Hian




    Ms Poh Hwee Hian
    Member, Human Resource and Remuneration Committee


    Ms Poh is a member of SPD’s Board of Management since 2004. She is presently the managing director at De’Longhi Group, and has been an active volunteer for more than 20 years. Ms Poh is a volunteer aftercare officer with the Singapore Aftercare Association since 2004, befriending and helping ex-offenders re-integrate back into society.


    Previously, Ms Poh was the Vice-Chairman of the Volunteer Initiator Persons Workgroup formed by the National Council of Social Service and the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, where she spearheaded efforts to promote volunteerism in Singapore and the set-up of structures to sustain and enhance volunteer efforts in Voluntary Welfare Organisations. She was also the Chairman of the Students Care Services Volunteer Group, where she led volunteer programmes to support social workers to reach out to students with special needs.


    Ms Poh was conferred the Commonwealth Youth Achievement Gold Award in 2005 for excellence in community services and promotion of social service volunteerism in Singapore. She also received the National Youth Achievement Award in 2000 for her outstanding work in community & social service.



    Wong Meng Ee


    Dr Wong Meng Ee
    Member, Services Committee


    Dr Wong is an associate professor at Early Childhood and Special Needs Education Academic Group of the National Institute of Education (NIE), and teaches courses in the Master of Education programme and the Diploma in Special Education programme. Having a visual impairment himself, Dr Wong has researched and published articles in the areas such as education for special education teachers and paraprofessional, use of assistive technology for special needs students, transition and support for students with visual impairments and relationships of teachers with families.


    Outside his academic work, Dr Wong serves on a number of agencies serving persons with disabilities including iC2PrepHouse, Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (Singapore) and SG Enable.


    A sports enthusiast, Dr Wong has represented Singapore in numerous regional and international swimming competitions, and won the 100m and 50m freestyle Bronze medals for Singapore during the 2015 ASEAN Para games. He has also completed 5 full marathons, 2 biathlons and 2 10km open water charity swims. In 2002, Dr Wong was awarded both the President’s Social Service Award and the Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled Sportsman of the Year Award.



    Dr May Lim


    Dr Lim Sok Mui, May
    Member, Services Committee


    Dr May Lim is an associate professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology where she is involved in training, curriculum development and student placement with particular focus on skilling future manpower serving the disability sector.


    Concurrently she is the deputy director at the Centre of Learning Environment and Assessment Development (Co-LEAD) and programme director for the Occupational Therapy Degree Programme at the Singapore Institute of Technology. Her forte is in working with young children with developmental delays and disorders. She has participated extensively as presenter, speaker, facilitator in community, national and international settings and was previously involved in the committee of the Enabling Master Plan.


    Dr Lim is a strong advocate and continues to advocate for developing strong community based therapy services in Singapore. She also volunteers with the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists.



    Susan Niam


    Ms Susan Niam
    Member, Services Committee


    Ms Niam is the chairperson of Allied Health Services & Pharmacy Division at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where she leads 13 diverse professional groups comprising more than 1,200 staff. She provides strategic direction; clinical quality oversight; professional, manpower and operational leadership within acute, sub-acute, rehabilitative and community settings and ensures that the services and directions are consistent with the vision of the organisation, national direction, evolving demographics and clinical trends.


    Ms Niam is actively involved in many national and professional committees. She chairs the Industry Advisory Council of the Singapore Institute of Technology as well as some committees in the Allied Health Professions Council. She has served a few terms on the Agency for Integrated Care, Social & Health Manpower Development Programme-Intermediate and Long-Term Care Committee.


    Ms Niam volunteers as a chairperson of the senior sub-committee in a non-profit community service agency. She has previously volunteered in the Australian Red Cross Society, the Stroke Club and the Ankylosing Spondylitis Club.


    Ms Niam was awarded the Commendation Medal, National Day Award in 2006 and the NHG Outstanding Citizenship Award in 2014.




    Mrs Diana Ee-Tan
    Member, Fundraising Committee


    Mrs Diana Ee-Tan is Chairperson of Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd and an  independent director of Far East Orchard Ltd, a listed company.


    She is also Vice-Chairman of Shatec Institutes Pte Ltd, the educational arm of the Singapore Hotel Association where she was instrumental in the development of its Industry Mentorship Programme aimed at nurturing and developing students and is presently a member of Shatec’s Academic and Exams Council and Scholarship Panel.


    Mrs Ee-Tan is appointed by Enterprise Singapore as co-Chairman of the Singapore Standards Committee.


    Formerly President of Raffles Hotels & Resorts, an international luxury hotel group, Mrs Ee-Tan has also has served on the Singapore Tourism Board, Board of Governors of Republic Polytechnic, Singapore and as a Member of the Singapore Charity Council.



    Yeo Su Chen


    Mrs Yeo Su Chen
    Member, Fundraising Committee


    Mrs Yeo Su Chen is a director of International Trading Corporation (Asia) Pte Ltd, a family investment firm. Her experience extends to corporate communication, investor relations, marketing communications and public relations. Her voluntary work interests includes organising activities as well as participation in community and social service activities. She had organised events for special needs children and participated in projects to improve the living conditions of the elderly poor.


    Mrs Yeo came to SPD as a volunteer to connect and match people and logistic resources with needs and opportunities.