FRAUD ALERT | SPD - Singapore


  • Any individuals or groups soliciting funds on SPD’s behalf through streets and door-to-door donations would bear a Collector's Certificate of Authority from the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), or a copy of the police permit.


    We urge members of the public to check these documents before making a donation. The following methods will verify if their permits are valid:

    1. SMS Verification Service by Charities Unit, MCCY*
      Send an SMS query to 74688 using this format: FR<space><NCSS Approval No.> (e.g. FR 2011130000)
      The facility will then send you a SMS reply indicating whether the organisation has a valid licence or certificate.
    2. Scan QR Code 
      Download the QR Code scanner software from your smartphone’s app store. Scan the code that is located on the Collector’s Certificate of Authority (CCA) document with your smartphone. The NCSS Approval No. can be found on the CCA that all collectors are obliged to carry with them.

      Besides the ongoing appeal for donations via our website, all fundraising activities that we conduct are published on our website at


    You can also search for the list of legitimate fundraising activities at the following websites:

    NCSS-approved fundraising events

    Police Licensing & Regulatory Department 


    If you suspect anyone of conducting unauthorised fundraising activities in SPD’s name or experience any similar encounters as stated above, please take down their names, school (if applicable), location where you were approached or note their physical appearances and alert the Police and alert us via e-mail at or contact us at 6579 0707.


    Thank you for supporting SPD and people with disabilities.